Friday, March 20, 2009

My Japonesa-Inspired Fresh Ink

Yesterday, I traveled to Grants Pass with my good friend Cole to get some more work done on my arm by none other than Mr. Jeff Gogue- tattoo artist extraordinaire. I have been going with friends to see Jeff and get work done for the last six years.

Back in October, Jeff spent two hours starting a Japanese-inspired 3/4 piece on my left arm...unfortunately, we only got this far...

I sent him over a photo of a Japanese lantern that my mom had given us to add to the piece. Erin grew up having these stone lanterns grace her family's yard- so for my piece, I wanted to have a symbol of home...this lantern resides in our garden.

Jeff is all about free hand tattoo is my arm all marked up after he spent 30 minutes drawing on it with a sharpie (except for the lantern).

From Concept...

to Creation...

Seven Hours later...
Ties in with the Virgin of Guadalupe Jeff did almost three years ago...

I probably have about 3-4 hours left of color work to do on this piece....right now it is only black & grey.
I'll keep you all posted on the progress!


  1. it looks so awesome ron! it makes me sad that the gogue and i arent going to happen...maybe we'll find someone good in europe? hope you guys are well..we miss you both!!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the blog title. It was one of those, "this is really only for one other person" types of titles, so I hit my mark.

  3. Why don't you blog? Your last blog was over 1 month ago! Come on... how am I suppossed to know what's going on with you and Erin! I miss you guys.